Re: Cover for Annapolis W

Posted by John Beck on Jun 27, 2007

Ron, Yes, Sunbrella breathes. Using a light color will help keep the temp lower than a dark color. Here's the description of sunbrella from sailrite ( "Resistance to ultraviolet is greater than any other cover material we know. Colors are brighter and remain so longer. It does not shrink or stretch noticeably and yet is quite soft and stays that way. It also breathes nicely to prevent condensation while at the same time is quite water resistant. Sold per Yard."

They also have Sunbrella Plus "A urethane coating is added to the back side of this 100% solution dyed Sunbrella to make it highly water resistant. This coating also adds excellent abrasion resistance."

Each is available in 46 or 60 inch widths.

I've used regular Sunbrella for a mooring cover and I did find it to stretch when wet. The key is to keep it taught since any little sag or wrinkle will accumlate water. I found that sewing nylon webbing down the entire centerline of the cover and adding one to two ridge polls on the keel to form a steep tentlike slope works best to prevent rain from pooling. Add a piece of cord to each end of the of the webbing so you can cinch it down tightly. Add grommets along the edge to tie the cover to the trailer or wrap around under the boat to the grommet on the other side.

They also have foam and coverings to make custom pads/cushions if you are so inclined.


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