Sailrig Ama Height

Posted by Roger Lopata on Jun 30, 2007

Wondering how high other Sailrig builders carry their amas above the waterline.

Mine, for some reason, ended up too low -- both amas tend to set several inches into the water on either tack, creating too much wetted surface and giving the rig a pronounced tendency to head up into the wind, overpowering the rudder. I'm building new pads to elevate the akas and amas higher above my kayak's deck and am trying to decide how much higher to set the rig.

On the fore and aft body views of the Sailrig plans (on p. 1), the scale is too small to get an accurate read on the drawn distance above the w/l, although it appears the forward sections of the ama lie several inches higher above the water than the aft (?).

Any comments from other Sailrig builders would be welcome.

I'm including a link to a picture of the rig as it is now.

Roger Lopata