Re: SW17 - shear to deck

Posted by Darryl on Jul 1, 2007

Hi Dave, I bought spare wire from Ace hardware for my Shearwater. (Same gage). Completed last Spring & packing tonight for a tour in the San Juan Islands here in Wa starting the 4th. Yes, just sand the deck edge down flush with the hull. I would suggest putting a bead of thickened epoxy down on the hull the last say 1 foot to firmly attach the deck and to make this joint completely waterproof from the inside. The tape and the epoxy that you put in from the hatch later is a bear and you will never know if you really did get the tape & epoxy to the back corners. When doing this use a syringe on a dowel with another smaller dowel to push the plunger. Good luck. To keep the boat down near 40 lbs soak up the epoxy every chance you get with a roll of T.P.

Great fast boat. I just wish I would of moved the aft hatch up 2" fwd so I could of fit a bear canistor and never have to worry about loosing my food. Darryl

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