Re: Re enter

Posted by Kim on Jul 4, 2007

The camera is just an ordinary JVC. I built a box from a $25 waterproof case and drilled out a hole for the lens.

You see the cam box there. Plus the paddle I broke when I put my full weight on the center on Monday.

Not much water leaked in the hatches. I guess being upside down a lot, the water was not able to leak in. Or it leaked out. My forward hatch will be replaced within a week due to it being not curved enough. The aft hatch needs the foam strip adjusted before serious paddling is done.

Good eye on the hatch. Meticulously made, error at the end almost made me sick. But I don't think it really matters. Still floats.

Thanks all. All the tips will be studied.

Back in the water Thursday for more practice.


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