My 17LT is Done1

Posted by Tim Clark on Jul 4, 2007

After much effort, my Ches. 17LT was completed today. Well, acually completed just enough for launching on a rainy Independence Day. I still need to add deck rigging and perimeter lines and the rudder (awaiting a piece from CLC).

One intersting modification was the addition of a shearwater knob hatch closing mechanism.

While I found it a little finicky to get working on my forward hatch, I think it is a cleaner solution and thus far has worked. But I will report back after some further tinkering when I have performed a total immersion test.

I also added a 3/8" half round mahogany rubrail. It distracs the eye from some shortcomings on my deck to hull joinery.

A great and wonderful project!

Photos attached.

My best wishes to all who have completed their own boat and to the rest of you whose boats are yet to join the ranks of the completed.

At another time I will report back on lessons learned.

(Lesson 1: learn how to take a decent pcture of a kayak!)


Kayak Pix