Re: Working with kids

Posted by Jon T on Jul 6, 2007

I can't tell you anything about the boat, but I am making kayaks (Shearwaters) with my two daughters, ages 11 and 15. It is a lot of fun but does require some patience, mainly because I want to do stuff and they both do to. If I had three sets of tools it would work out easier. Some jobs they can do better than me. They have mixed up most of the epoxy and done a great job. I also built a MC16.5 from plans about three years ago. My younger daughter helped on that boat also, mainly handing me stuff and keeping me company. Now she is doing alot more, sanding, fillets, spreading epoxy,etc.

Jon T

In Response to: Sassafras 12 by Brian Klaver on Jul 5, 2007