Posted by LeeG on Jul 6, 2007

Good observation. Rescue practice is a perfect time to discover how inadequate bungies are for holding things down and that untethered items float away, heavy items sink. The creek where I taught has $1000's of dollars worth of glasses and other items at the bottom of it.

Regarding loose pumps one can make a simple tether with 3/16" bungie and plastic clip. Better than that is configuring the front deck rigging so the pump can't be knocked out to begine iwth or attaching it under the foredeck.

Instead of one continuous criss-cross rigging off of the three webbing anchors make three seperate and parallel loops of bungie. The loops are tied with a double fishermans knot. With bungie the two knots in the double fishermans can be slid apart opening up a center section that can hold any size object. You could put a pump inside the double fishermans of the front and back loops in front of the coaming and there's no way the pump will get knocked out.

This is also important if you're being rescued and the stuff under your deck bungies gets knocked out when dragged across your rescuers lap.

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