shelf life of epoxy

Posted by don on Jul 6, 2007

Goaded by a recent discussion on this board and my imminent descent into a CH triple using several year old system 3 epoxy, I made a call today regarding shelf life. According to Melanie at System 3, hardener and resin do not go 'bad'.

The resin will get 'milky', or. in my case, have crystallization occur. The solution is to warm it up (120 degrees, according to system 3)and stir until it becomes clear again, exposure to air is not a factor. The hardener does turn a darker color which will affect the aesthetics but still function the same. Melanie did say that the hardener may require some stirring, as well, if it has been sitting around a couple of years.

I was relieved to hear this as the three gallons I have on hand would cost a bit to replace.

Regarding warming up the resin: be careful NOT to poke a hole in the plastic bottom of the container as it is getting warmed up....DOH!


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