George, You Kidding??

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Jul 6, 2007

'Have I finished the canoe?' Is that what you said?? HAH!!! I haven't even STARTED it!! Because it won't friggin quit raining. Oh man, we're all fairly being washed smooth into the sea here in Texas these days, it's terrible.

I've got the Merlin all ready to go, however. Forms are perfected, box beam and stands for the strongback are standing by, strips are all milled and collated... All we need now is three or four minutes without another deluge.

The good news is that all the rain doesn't impact paddling a lot. In fact, it improves it. Why, I paddle my kayak to get the mail and newspaper now, and could hardly manage without it.

In Response to: Re: 16LT offset by George K on Jul 6, 2007