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Posted by LeeG on Jul 6, 2007

the regular X aft bungie rigging is configured for holding a paddle but you'll find that a snug perimeter line parallel with the bungie on the sheer provides a better holdown as well as place to grab the kayak.

You can configure the aft bungies the same way as suggested for the front, two seperate loops tied with double fishermans knots or one continuous line connecting the two loops in the middle, like an H pattern with the center bar of the H being the double fishermans,,er,,I think.

re. the pf self-rescue. Consider it an interim self-rescue device leading to others,,and if you are really relying on it in cold water conditions you should be paddling with people. My limited experience is that if the pf self-rescue is the sole method the person often needs someone to help hold their kayak while they're pumping out or being assisted pumping out as they dumped far enough away to not get immediate assistance. By the time you've practiced a pf self-resuce about a dozen times you should have it down,,and in that time getting familiar with a re-entry and role. Just make sure to be careful if you have any propensity for shoulder dislocations as some folks rely on arm strength and over extended arm positions putting too much stress in the shoulder joint. It's rare but I've seen a couple folks self-teach with bad technique and hurt themselves.

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