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Posted by David Warren on Jul 6, 2007

Funny you should say that. I'm building a sail-rig for the Sass 16 (using Todd Bradshaw's book Canoe Rig as a starting point). I live on a lake, and when the wind gets up, even a bit, the canoe (with its relatively large above-water surface). is overpowered by the wind. Hence the sail idea. Clip it on when the wind's up, paddle when it isnt. Birdsmouth spars, home-made blocks, hand-sewn traditional looking sails. Well-salty!

This wind problem would be similar for the 12, but overall the 12 is likely to be a better fit for say a couple of kids than the 16. Mine is still a bit big for them, even working together. Being narrower, the 12 can use the 'yak style paddles which would help too (I use single-blade cherry ottertails, which are good for long days paddling, but low on power). Also, the 12 is made from 4mm rather than 6mm ply so it's a whole lot lighter (not that the 16 is a porker, only 29kg - not sure what that is in hogsheads or tuppences or whatever it is you Yanks use instead of sensible meaurements - snark!). .

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