SWH Coaming & Deck

Posted by Bill Aileo on Jul 7, 2007

The instructions for the SWH 17 say to install the cockpit coaming before rolling coats two and three onto the deck fiberglass. Knowing the pace at which I work that means the first coat will have thoroughly cured before I will be in a position to roll coats two and three. I'm not keen on the idea of sanding the first coat since the weave will likely be exposed. Would it be an appropriate alternative to glue up the coaming components before putting fiberglass on the deck by covering the cockpit apron with plastic sheeting so the coaming components could be clamped to it but not glued? Then, after curing of the coaming assembly, remove it and proceed with fiberglassing the deck quickly attaching the coaming assembly after the first coat?

One other probably dumb question, the instructions say the there is a butt joint in the deck fiberglass at the cockpit. Does that mean no overlap? If not, isn't that introducing a weak area?