Re: Why a Duck?

Posted by Norm on Jul 7, 2007

What a beaut! Ok... I'm confessing my illiteracy re. yaks, here. I'm (still!!!) in the process of finishing my MC 16.5 and was giving serious thought building 2 or 3 of the 13's at some time in the future (with the kids!) So... Aside from the obvious (different beam width and overall length, chine layout, diff. in rockers...), what are some of the other differences between the Duck and the Milly 13? Obviously the Milly is flat bottom with alot of initial stability, but I'm really curious here. Also, are there plans on providing plans? (Sorry 'bout word play, here!) Either way, I'm really interested in the Duck. Just want to know how the two compare. Thanks in advance...

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