Re: Sassafras 12

Posted by Bob Santore on Jul 7, 2007


A lot of this has already been said, but I'll chime in anyway. I built a Skerry with my two kids and we all had a great time. Obviously there are lots of things to be cautious about - I never let them touch epoxy or powered tools (they were 5 and 7 at the time). But there's lots of "stitching" and sanding they could do (again, sanding bare wood only, I'd do the epoxy sanding alone and with dust protection). It was also their introduction to hand planes and hand saws, and eventually varnish and paint.

They were occasionally frustrated by how much they couldn't touch. I bought a cheap digital camera (like $25) for the to use to "document" the process when they weren't allowed to work with me.

Lapstitch is easy, nothing really to complain about and the results have been great.

I'd echo Greg Swarthout's comment about the suitability of the Skerry for a small family, but I also understand your interest in a little flotilla. Originally I was going to build a MC 16.5 and then changed my mind when the Skerry became available (no regrets!), although I still might build an MC. We'll see.

In Response to: Sassafras 12 by Brian Klaver on Jul 5, 2007