Re: Chesapeake 16 Rudder

Posted by Chris on Jul 7, 2007

I have 2 CH16s and neither have nor need a rudder. This hull tracks beautifully and weathercocks only mildly - just right amount in my view. I have paddled them in some pretty big water and wind, both light (155 lb paddler) and heavily loaded with camping gear. My buddies in commercial boats with rudders just can't keep up with this surprisingly efficient hull. Like any boat, she tends to want to broach in heavy following seas, but responds well to properly timed corrective stroaks - and she can surf wonderfully. So in my opinion, you don't need a rudder and keep that beautiful uncluttered look.

In Response to: Re: Chesapeake 16 Rudder by Ian Colledge on Jul 5, 2007