Re: Chesapeake 16 Rudder

Posted by Ian Colledge on Jul 8, 2007

Thanks Chris for your comments I'm pleased to hear how happy you are with the kayak. Unfortunately I have had little experience with kayaks (more with sailing boats.)My friends with commercial kayaks have told me how useful rudders are and yesterday I purchased a rudder system. Now I will have to adapt the hull to fit the rudder, I hope this doesn't spoil the appearance too much.

I'm interested in your comment about its ability to handle surf. Although I live close to the Pumicestone Passage (a large protected waterway) here at Caloundra, we are close to the ocean. What sized waves have you handled? I was intending to avoid the surf.


In Response to: Re: Chesapeake 16 Rudder by Chris on Jul 7, 2007