Re: First Launch! Jimmy S

Posted by Laszlo on Jul 8, 2007


Looks like great fun. The Jimmy Skiff was the first boat I ever sailed in Maryland (at Okoumefest back when they still called it Okoumestock) and it was a blast. I hadn't sailed anything for years, it was an unfamiliar boat and I was launching from a lee shore, but it just came to life and did exactly what I told it to. It's a great boat to learn to sail in.

BTW, looking at your sailing photos, you're dragging your transom. That makes turbulence which slows the boat down. Try sitting forward, if you can, or put some weight in the bow. The goal is to have the boat sitting the way it is in your rowing picture. I had the same problem with my first sailboat 30 years ago until a kind soul sailing past me called over to tell me my problem. As soon as I shifted forward, the boat almost jumped and literally doubled its speed. Your results may vary, but it will speed up some.

Have fun,


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