Re: First Launch! Jimmy S

Posted by Ron Paro on Jul 8, 2007

Hi Laszlo,

Thanks for the tip. I did try different seating positions, and I found that when I sit nearer to the center, the speed is much faster. The pictures don't show this, because by then I was too far away for the camera's limited zoom capability.

I think the best part of my first sailing session was when my hat blew off in a sudden gust, and I was able to circle around and scoop it up by just reaching out with my free hand. It did take me a few attempts, but it was certainly great practice manuvering in a situation where I had limited space, a decent current, and shifting wind.

I found the little skiff to be very responsive and lively, yet predictable. There were even a few times when I heeled over enough to dip the gunwale into the water, and it felt like the hull self-righted, with just a little encouragement from me. I didn't even get enough green water over the rail to bother bailing. Now that's FUN!

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