either way

Posted by Charlie Jones on Jul 8, 2007

You an paint it now, with everything easy to reach, but you'll have to be very careful to not drip epoxy onto your paint while installing the deck, coamings, etc. Not that hard, but you just need to be careful.


You can finish the boat then turn it upside down on some saw horses, put a chair in under there or a turned over 5 gallon bucket, sit down and paint away inside with the boat upside down. I've done the MC 16.5 that way- Also a John's Sharpie- REALLY easy to work then and get a good finish inside. All parts of the inside are reachable like that. You can do the very bottom last with the boat right side up if you'd rather not paint it over your head..

So it's your choice- For me, I'd turn the boat over.

In Response to: When to Paint Codkpit by Mark Smith on Jul 8, 2007


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