Re: Kayak Transportation

Posted by Ken Leffert on Jul 8, 2007

Are you planning on transporting regularly or just a one-shot deal? I have a full-size pickup with a flat lid that hauls around a 17LT, I use specialty racks (Thule), one on the cab and a Goalpost, which sticks up out of the hitch receiver. But..... I don't think thats the 'best' way. Everybody's situations is a little different.

For about the same money, maybe a little more, a setup like a TracRac, link below, will haul the boat(s) and be plenty useful for other things, too. I've seen them, they're certainly stout enough, they're popular enough that you can probably sell it and recover a little of your investment if you needed to (that gets harder the more specialized your equipment)..... anyway, that would be my recommendation for the 'best'.

TracRac's site.

In Response to: Kayak Transportation by Pierce on Jul 8, 2007