Re: SWH Coaming & Deck

Posted by Mike on Jul 9, 2007

I read that too and asked CLC about it. They said to roll on all of the coats and then glue on the coaming. I did all of my sanding including the 220 grit before I glued the coaming on. I also painted the outside of each peice with epoxy before I glued everything together. That way, I wouldn't have to do it when the surface was vertical and prone to runs on my freshly sanded deck. Then to glue, I just roughed up the area the coaming would be glued to with some 100 grit before I glued everything together. As far as the butt joint, I operlapped the cloth for about 12-18 inches at the coaming. I figured that would be a high stress area and could use some reinforcement anyway.

In Response to: SWH Coaming & Deck by Bill Aileo on Jul 7, 2007