Re: SWH Coaming & Deck

Posted by John Beck on Jul 9, 2007

Butt joint? I covered my deck with one piece and cut out the cloth in the cockpit opening after the first coat was still green.

Like Mike, I applied all the fill coats and did rough sanding before adding the coaming. I think an 80 grit texture would provide more "tooth" for the epoxy to adhere to if surface has totally cured.

Upon the recommendation of someone else I used wooden dowels to locate the coaming parts on the deck. Clamping 3 layers of skinny plywood that onto a curved deck is hard enough without any slippery messy epoxy. So fit everything up exactly where you want it without any glue and clamped it down securely. Then drill about eight 1/4" holes spaced around the coaming. Drill the holes all way throught the coaming, spacers and deck. Cut dowels so about 1/2" stick out the top and bottom. The dowels then locate the slippery epoxy covered parts quickly with the assurance they will be where you want them. I glued just the spacers first so I could sand the outside edge smooth. Then I added the coaming. Cut the dowels flush with a small flexible Japanese saw.

Good luck, John

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