change rudder/leeboard

Posted by don on Jul 10, 2007

Check out this link with info on calculating sail area, locating lee/center board, (based upon sail area and center of effort), as well as other interesting information about sailing in general, and small sailboats in particular - great resource!

My understanding (CLC can certainly step in and clarify at any time) is that the amas are supposed to be just touching, or out of the water when the boat is flat. Either you need to off-load some ballast, raise the pads between the akas and boat or, build another boat:) Your solution seems to be the best one moving forward but I would encourage you to investigate furher the center of effort (sail) versus center of lateral resistance (leeboard and rudder) issue.

Another thing that could help is adjusting where weight is located in your boat. By putting a few pounds forward or back, you can influence the handling of the boat (in one this size). That may be the easiest solution of all.

Good luck and let me know what works as I am nearing completion (still....) on the sailrig.

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