Re: Kayak Transportation

Posted by Karl on Jul 10, 2007

I used a System One utility rig for a number of years on my Dodge Ram. Solid as a rock, carried my 18 footer with ease, and has T-slots on the top and sides to mount accessories to.I mounted Yakima Landshark saddles directly to it using simple 5/16" carriage bolts that fit into the slots. It isn't a quick install, but it is durable. It's also about $300 cheaper than the Trac Rack.

Trac Rack also makes a set of T-racks that clamp on instead of sitting in an adjustable track, Thule makes a similar set up that is also height adjustable. Both of these are a bit more than the System One racks, but still cheaper than the full blown Trac Rack.

For a good place to compare options, check out Rack Warehouse.

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