Re: Gap Filling

Posted by Norm on Jul 11, 2007

Hi, Bill! Me thinks that there's no real problem here, provided that the gaps don't go all the way through. However, because the 'glass dries clear, and especially with a hybrid deck, if there's a bunch of those 'lil buggers, then you may wish to reconsider; a large amount of 'em might get in the way of an otherwise "flawless" finish. I don't think it's a strength issue, but aesthetically....well that may be another question. Seems if you've put all the work into a hybrid, then making one more pass in the areas affected will compliment the work you've already done. Remember the mantra: Sanding is our Friend...Sanding is our Friend...

For those of you smarter than me, any comments?

In Response to: Gap Filling by Bill Aileo on Jul 11, 2007