Duck vs MC13

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Jul 12, 2007

Norm shouts: "HEY, MR. CLC MAN!!! We need info!..."

Commodore Harris is spreading himself a bit thin casting his brand of boat building glee about in the NE these days, and ackowledges that he owes you lots more information than he has been delivering. But we must be patient. It would be counterproductive to have him conk out altogether from overload... then we'd never learn anything about the Ducks.

For my part, I'll suggest that the Mill Creek 13 is mighty hard to beat, except when choppy water is a staple of your menu. But if your ripples rarely become wavelets, the flat bottom is uncommonly handy for car-topping (look Ma, no cradles!), carrying stuff inside the cockpit (my martini stands upright), and navigating really shallow water (round or vee bottoms require more depth or they get sucky).

This is not to say the MC13 can't handle waves. In fact, I remain astonished at what the thing CAN handle, and probably ought to write a book about what mine have been through.

The Ducks, on the other hand, appear to be splendid new additions to the fleet. Not only will ten- and twelve-footers be welcome options for certain prospective builde/paddlers, but they'll probably best serve those who paddle coasts and large lakes, owing to their shapely little bottoms that won't slap the chop.

Just my views, anyway.

In Response to: Re: The New Duck by Norm on Jul 11, 2007