Posted by Kurt Maurer on Jul 12, 2007

I'm starting with Charlie first, since it'll help y'all understand where I'm coming from when I make performance comments. To wit:

Yes, absolutely, draft makes an enormous difference! We have miles and miles of salt flats here on the Gulf Coast... the whole thing, not just in Texas. And it's interspersed with large open bays that can get mighty interesting when affected by wind, tide, hurricanes, etc. Yes, hurricanes. They're tons of fun to paddle in, please see next entry...

Actually, we Texas make martinis a bit differently than yaw dew up nawth. We use 5-gallon vented cans that're painted red, and we're never able to tell whether they're being stirred or shaken or what, usually. We also make margaritas with gasoline powered appliances that sound like weed whackers (different cans are used to fuel 'em, sometimes, helps to keep 'em straight), and I can prove it, too.

To Phil and Norm I must say, if you're still having trouble deciding after having read that bit about waves, then go with what tickles your eye most. That has always been as safe a way to select a small boat as any, when direct experience ain't there.

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