Re: De Duck

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Jul 12, 2007

Easy. Lissen to me, that's what. I just got through posting a whole mess o' BS that ought to be the last word on the subject, according to my overinflated ego, anyway, so check out the "The New Duck" thread below.

It's all a matter of waves, shallow water, martinis, and looks. Lots of shallow water and no real waves to speak of? Easy, go with the MC13. Got occasional chop to deal with? Better go for the Duck. Drink too much? AA is here to help.

I have absolutely no idea how the Duck is constructed, and finished weight is always a preoccupation with me. But drawing on my vast reservoir of experience that goes back at least 300 years, I'd say it's comparable, and that I could've skipped typing this paragraph.

If you bought MC13 plans two years ago, and are just now 'getting all set to start,' I advise you to exert all possible dispatch towards the project from here on out, or you may never see it stitched before dying of old age.

I'm sorry... It was the martinis...

In Response to: De Duck by Michael on Jul 12, 2007