Re: Oh, My

Posted by Camper on Jul 15, 2007


Don't beat yourself up, it didn't read at all harsh when I read it. No big deal.

.......ok, I'm lying, it was REALLY BAD!!!!

But like I told the missus, a bunch of guys can be sitting around having a cold beverage and give each other all kinds of crap in fun, but when you put the same identical words in email or a forum, all of a sudden they can take on a different life.

Norm, I'm hoping you will cut Kurt a break on this. If we don't, he'll leave again on one of his extended vacations, and I'll be stuck trying to turn this pile of schmookie dutz, splintered plywood, and jelly donut crumbs into a boat with technical help from people like Laszlo.

Please don't let that happen.

In Response to: Oh, My by Kurt Maurer on Jul 15, 2007