Re: Sailrig Ama Height

Posted by Roger Lopata on Jul 18, 2007

LeRoy (and others):

Your observations about the "different" look of the rig are pretty close to the mark.

What happened was I originally started building the old MK-1 sailrig. I had finished the akas and was working on the amas when the MK-II plans were introduced.

The MK-II had a far superior design for attaching akas to amas, bolts through extensions of the bulkheads instead of the MK-1's system of slots built down into the deck of the ama.

The MK-II system changed many of the dimensions, however, because with it,the akas attached several inches higher. I tried to estimate the differences and "jury-rig" a cross between the two plans. Clearly, me guesses were off.

Since my last post, I've cut off the old aka spacers and made new ones to raise the rig higher, and epoxied them to the akas. I'm still finishing them off, but once they're done, and I get the rig on the water, I'll try to post a report and some photos.

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