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Posted by Mike on Jul 30, 2007

Thanks guys!


Per John Beck's recommendations, I used an X-acto razor saw. For the corners, I used the keyhole attachment that is included with the X-acto kit. The whole hatch cutting process was much, much easier than I thought it would be. The good thing about using the hand saw is that it is slower, but harder to make a major screw up. I tried to keep the knife perpendicular to the cutting surface the whole time. When the hatch was cut out, it didn't even fall through the hole due to the small kerf and angle of cut.

The other question. Why did I build a Shearwater? Well, the real answer is...I was surfing the net looking for a new project and stumbled onto the CLC home page. And, of course, the first thing you see is the deck of a SWHB, so I decided right then and there that that is what I was going to build. I knew nothing about kayaks (still don't), and at the time or purchase, had never even been in one. I just liked the way it looked, and I do have access to water, so why not I say? As far as the build went? I'd say on a 1-10 scale, I'd put it at a 9. I did a lot of extra reading from various books, but the most of the help came from calling CLC direct, or from this wonderful forum. There are many people who have great blogs of their entire builds as well, which are wonderful sources of information. The one thing I learned is, if you decide to build one, you will not be alone. You have an entire technical support staff waiting to help. They certainly got me through the tough spots!

Good luck!

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