Re: Algonquin 2007

Posted by Chris J. on Aug 25, 2007

Thanks for the nice comments... I made a template out of paper of the cover opening down to where it meets the boat. It was quite a dilema whether to put the grommets on or thread the rope through the opening made by sewing( no grommets but easier). We decided the grommets would probably be stronger....and with that decision made the under hem large enough to curve back under to reach the top of the cockpit. This made it a dual layer strong enough for the grommets to attach to. The nose is folded and sewed flat- kind of like wrapping a present and needs to fit firm. Because the cockpit cover has no lip in the rear we put the rope through from the front pad eye to the rear pad eye. Tightening up kept it over the opening but would want to pull back if pressure was applied. We wanted this to go down the highway and be watertight( Getting cought in a downpour and having 2-3 inches of water sitting in our cockpit on top of the car was a concern- and for good reason beacuse thats exactly what happened. We stayed perfectly dry) Thats why we decided to add the S hooks with stretch cord around the middle to keep pressure on the ropes and not let it pull in. Worked perfectly.

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