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Posted by Tim Clark on Aug 27, 2007

The 'drill-fill-drill' method, I believe, is a superior practice to ensure that there is a solid waterproof seal between the screw and the wood.

But when I completed by Ches 17LT in July I chose not to use that technique ("gotta get my boat into the WATER!"). Instead, I was judicious in my use of the silicone adhesive (injecting adhesive into the whole and coating the screw shafts with adhesive as well) which i believe served the same purpose.

But in doing so I quickly learned the advantage of giving the last coat of varnish extra time to dry and cure and to have rags at the ready when installing deck bungies, etc. to carefuly wipe up the excess adhesive.

Just my thoughts. I welcome the greater wisdom of others.

Enjoy your boat!

Tim Clark

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