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Posted by LeeG on Aug 27, 2007

another reason for glassing both sides of hull panels is that any damage is confined to a smaller area so that for a given impact the repair will be less. It's one thing to have a bunch of dings on the outside with nothing on the inside or dings on the outside with tiny cracks in the wood on the inside.

It doesn't make sense for the cockit to have that durability and not the aft compartment where one doesn't always have the opportunity to exit/enter weightlessly. Sometimes you gotta get in and GO before even a little 6" wave takes you backwards. I can imagine a lot of scenarios where you're in a partially protected but rocky area between boulders or on seaweed covered rocks where you don't have much room to get in the kayak and paddle out. The water might drop off after the rocks but where you can get in it's 3' deep or getting in off a rock, there's no way around it, you get in and the slight surge lifts you up a few inches and settles you backwards a foot and as the water pulls away you paddle out over a rock or two. That's not rough use but it'll make that unglassed area crack as 200lb-300lbs of paddler and boat gently slide across one rock right behind the cockpit.

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