Posted by theo on Aug 29, 2007

Date/29/Aug/'07 Just yesterday I picked up from Noah's, in Toronto, a load of raw plywood, resin (Mas), 'glass, hardware and a Featherkraft rudder with what I believe to be Yakima footbrace/rudder controls. (they had no kit in stock for Chesapeake 18). To the point, I'm mildly overwhelmed by the bits of hardware connecting the 'braces to the rudder. There's cables,screws, black plastic tubing, nuts, bolts, washers. Rather than wondering how to get it working better when I didn't set it up right in the first place, I'd rather get it right at the beginning. So I ask; how do I route the cable from cockpit to above deck? I'm fairly certain plastic tube covers cable (2 lengths of it as is the cable). And the flip up line with a short bit of shock cord with a clip hook; how should I best mount that on deck?