Problem Resolved!

Posted by Larry on Aug 29, 2007

Thanks all for the good advice and suggestions! After a little contemplation on how much pain it would cause me to have to sand and repaint the entire hull, I think I may have found a solution! To remove the varnish from the paint, I dripped a little lacquer thinner directly onto the varnish drips/runs and let it soak for a few seconds. Then, I took my finger nail and gently scratched off the offending varnish, with absolutely no offense to the paint! I washed the area with a little water after just in case. Provided the patches that have touched the thinner aren't stripped down to bare wood tomorrow morning, I'm calling it done! Should be getting wet this weekend!

Oh, and I've seen pictures of Dave's boats, the only way I'll put mine next to it is if we've all had a few too many beers. Maybe boat #2 . . .

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