Re: Darkening of Varnish

Posted by John Beck on Aug 31, 2007

I use Interlux schooner varnish and experience the same thing. I'm sure it is oxidation. Along with the darkening it becomes thicker which requires thinning for application. The darkness translate to the finish as I discovered when I touched up a ding a month after final varnish coat with a new can. The touch up is definately darker and not all the tint of the initial coats.

I'd bite the bullet and get a new can. That's why I buy varnish in pint cans since the remainder of a quart can is wasted on a kayak sized project. But I'm flabbergasted as to why a pint costs 75-80% of a quart. Why don't they dispense varnish and paint in a can or bottle sealed with a blanket of nitrogen on top and spigot at the bottom to draw off what you need without exposing the rest to the atmosphere. I guess for the same reason that the majority of latex paint is still old in rust prone tin cans instead of plastic jugs - it's cheap and they sell more due to waste!

Good luck, John

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