Re: Weave Imprint

Posted by Camper on Aug 31, 2007

You have nothing to worry about. We get the impression that it is common, but that is just because the press plays it up every time a kayak turns into a giant waffle. Studies show that, as a fraction of the total number of kayaks, the number of giant waffles is miniscule. You are more likely to have your Greenland paddle turn into a fried plaintain (1 chance in 512 for non-smokers who exercise regularly).

Incidence of fatalities is even lower. Of the 28 reported cases last year, one was probably, in fact, due to the syrup and would not have occurred had the kayaker been wearing a PFD at the time.

So relax and enjoy.

In Response to: Re: Weave Imprint by Chris J. on Aug 29, 2007