Help needed

Posted by Rich on Sep 3, 2007

We started the glueing of the sheer pieces yesterday and ran into some trouble. I had applied clear packing tape to protect the area from glue around the scarfs but decided against it when I noticed that some of the wood particles came away when the packing tape was removed. I used wide painter's tape instead, thinking that it would be kinder to the wood, but the glue ran under the tape and now I have glue residue that may be visible under my planned bright finish. Since there are all kinds of packing tape, what kind is recommended and can I buy it at Home Depot? I don't want to repeat my mistake with my future glueings.

I'm a perfectionist and felt like I was taking a big risk as I started the glueing process. I was not comfortable that I was doing it correctly. After I glued the sheer pieces (without using the Cab-O-Sil)I saw the instructions that had been packed with the pumps. My son had discarded them when he unpacked the boxes of parts. This will be the first boat we have built and I don't want to blame my mistakes on my son. He's getting a big kick out of building our 16.5 two-person Chesapeake with his Dad. So then I took the pieces apart and re-glued them with the Cab-O-Sil mix. But then I just had to use my best judgement about "mustard" consistency. After all that I discovered that a video was available, so now I really feel stupid for not getting the video. I don't remember it being offered, but for people like me it should be a mandatory item.

Just how forgiving is this kit and what other obstacles do I need to be aware of? I need some reassurance that a guy like me who has used tools all his life can do a reasonable job on his first kayak kit, and teach my son at the same time.

Any comments?