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Posted by Chris J. on Sep 3, 2007

Rich...don't sweat it...the first few steps seem intimidating but you'll be hooked in no time. The little bit of glue that seeped under your tape will not be noticeable under your bright finish...neither will those few particles that came away with the packing tape. I use packing tape when the item being glued will be totally under clamp and masking tape to keep fillets and oozing glue under control. The glue recipes are also very just don't want your mixture running out of the joint once it's clamped. As long as you take a little extra time to plan your next step and keep the process clean, you'll be proud of your boat.

Like you, I was used to tools (decks, sheds, renovations etc.) but fine boat restoration was only something as a kid I had watched my dad tackle. In a little over a year I have finished 3 kayaks with the last being the 16.5 double and I'm itching to start another but I've run out of paddlers.

I suggest you fully read the manual, research any step you're unsure of (the forum's advanced search is a great tool for this), and rely on your new friends here. Also, for inspiration, pin up a picture in your shop of the lake where you plan to show-off your new boat. I hung a large wall map of the canoe routes in Algonquin Park and a picture of my kids on the lake - it really keeps me and tea also seem to help.

Keep in touch.


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