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Posted by LeeG on Sep 3, 2007

the whole process of building involves making mistakes and making solutions. Don't worry. A big help will be to experiment with the epoxy a bit BEFORE you do every new step for the first time. Small quantities, less than an oz. If there's any chance the temperature will vary it'll help to see how long it takes to cure.

Get a can of alcohol to help wipe epoxy off of tools with a paper towel. Also a paper towel with alcohol on it is a good way to wipe up epoxy drips off the wood. It's not as effective as stronger solvents but you really don't need stronger solvents.

Double glove. That way you can take off a sticky glove to handle tools or put on a clean glove without it grabbing on sweaty hands.

Get two boxes of gloves.

Keep a bottle of vinegar in the shop to wipe off any epoxy that can get on your skin. You do not want epoxy to get on sensitive skin like inside of arms,wrists,face, etc. Most likely you'll not get a reaction,,,if you do this'll be the last kit you'll make.

Basically the process is one of making messes, then cleaning them up. The cycle repeats. Applying epoxy will always be messy, cleaning it up while wet is a lot easier than when it's hard.

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