Thanks CLC..

Posted by Jim E on Sep 3, 2007

...for making the long trek westward. We were able to catch up with Mr. Harris and the traveling fleet at Lake Natoma today. Although my Arctic Hawk is pretty far advanced - at the cockpit coaming stage - I must shamefacedly admit I had never sat in one until today. It was everything I had expected, Yippee! (phew!) I'm going to have to practice those small-cockpit entries and exits though.

The other point of our trip was for my wife Cathi to try out the Wood Ducks that she has been ogling on the web site. All the gushing reviews are true. So it looks like my next project is going to be a WD 10.

I tried most of the other kayaks too, and Larry Froley's new standup paddleboard. A swimmer inquired as I serenely paddled past: "Is there a name for what you are doing?"

Two slight surprises: The composite Sheawater (the one in all the pictures) is kinda small for my 5'11.5", 165lb frame. My toes were up against the bulkhead, but I managed to get in and paddle it with some caution. Also the Chesapeake 17, while less glamorous than some of the recent additions, is a nice boat. Really well behaved all round.

Thanks again, John & Co