Re: Help needed

Posted by Tim Clark on Sep 3, 2007

Rich: Having completed my own first kayak this sumer, I continue to be amazed how many mistakes add up to a beautiful end product.

They say "Measure twice. Cut once." If I were to do it again, for each major step I would be looking at the instruction manual and then compare it to the video and "The New Kayak Shop" book. I would lock in my actions steps and proceed. If I had questions, I would quickly run to this forum and reach out to the great people who are active here.

And, in the end I would have a beautiful boat.

If you are a pefectionist, this boat won't be perfect. It will merely be more beautiful.

When you are done, post some pictures and share your success!

Best WIshes,

Tim Clark

In Response to: Help needed by Rich on Sep 3, 2007