Re: rudder/cables

Posted by Kyle T on Sep 4, 2007

This is just a standard Feathercraft rudder bought from CLC. As you guessed I laminated a veneer (cypress) over the blade to make it look more appropriate (in my opinion) for the wooden boat. I left a perimeter of aluminum exposed around the edge of the blade so that it can take any bashing and the veneer won't have to. I had planned for years to make a pretty wooden rudder for this kayak but I just didn't think it would be strong enough. In the end this is what I came up with to try to meet my requirements for looks and durability.

I was actually posted the picture so that you could see the blocks where the cables exited the deck. On my other kayaks the cables just stick out and are held in place by nylon ties. The custom marblewood blocks added to the look a lot here and were easy to make.


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