Re: Chesapeake 18LT?

Posted by LeeG on Sep 4, 2007

get a Ch18 kit, cut 1" off the side panels, cut front bulkhead down 1". Cut aft bulkhead down 1" with redrawn radius.

I made a Ch16 with 1/2" taken off the side panels as the regular 16 was too tall and the LT too shallow(with deckbeam left in). Made a Ch18 with aft radius cut down to LT for flatter aft deck.

If you are a heavy person, 225lbs+ seeking a lower freeboard boat with a flatter aft deck you should consider glassing the underside of the aft deck between that hatch and bulkhead or adding a day hatch. Without some kind of under deck reinforcement the flattish aft deck will make cracking sounds even if it's got 4oz glass on top.

In Response to: Chesapeake 18LT? by Doug S on Sep 4, 2007