Kayak Seelection Table

Posted by DaveP on Sep 5, 2007

I'm saving my pennies for plans and materials and to-and-fro-ing a lot in the meantime about what to build. As a novice looking for a friendly general purpose yak I was firmly convinced for a long while that that a Mill Creek 13 was the one for me. Then I saw the SIS sit-on-top.... hmmm Very interesting but probably too tricky for a first time builder.... then they go and add the Ducks.... aaaarrrgggghhh now my head is spinning. So I turned to the Kayak Seelection Table for guidance... but these new boats are not there (SIS, Ducks). Any sage advice for a novice builder / kayaker?

Likely use is on local lakes (several within 5 to 20 minutes drive), most are big enough to easily push up a foot or two of chop pretty fast if the wind comes up. And I might be tempted to venture out for a spot of fishing in a harbour (salty stuff) we visit from time to time (1 hours drive from here) in weekends over summer. I would only head out here if it was good weather, but again if the wind kicks up I don't want to be in danger.

Ultimately I am thinking I would build a second kayak so wife or one of the kids could join in too.

What to do ?...