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Posted by theo on Sep 5, 2007

Where I used to live before '88 there was no basement, there was a garage to work in. Then we moved; no garage, there was a basement. "L" shaped staircase in the center of the house resists long, (relatively) bulky kayak like objects that don't bend too well. Wife won't hear of access to basement by outside door so latter stages of build must be in the great open. Have built 2 Cape Charles under these condition, Started before my father got ill, finished (more or less) after he passed away. You might say I had some distractions during that build. Building a Ches 18 under same conditions (minus someone getting ill, I hope) and thinking about getting a "car tent" to set in my driveway. Ideal would be a 10= heated large shop, versus almost workable= just a 1=outside, dodging wet weather every few days...done that, didn't like it. A "5 to 6" rating would be for me the car tent, a little cramped, it will beat dodging rain

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