Re: Rate Your Workspace

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Sep 5, 2007

See the carport in the picture? Half of it -- the other half is eternally cluttered -- plus a single-car garage would be my shop. But it works; I not only build boats (number ten comin' up), but astronomical telescopes, signs, furniture, and whatever all else, right there (here, I mean). It can be a hassle since there's a full line of major power tools to dance with whenever you come or go, and a major reshuffling of everything whenever a new tool comes to town, to make it all fit... and work.

Rain shuts me down, and that sucks. Unless the project can fit in the kitchen, where I'm currently making a quaint hotel sign. I can tell ya right now seventeen feet is all she can take, and it really, really helps if the boat's skinny.

It's been a record year for rain in Texas since May, still haven't started on my stupid canoe. Where's a carriage house shop when y' need one?

Cheers, Kurt

Pair O' Mill Creek 13s Project

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