Re: rudder/cables

Posted by LeeG on Sep 5, 2007

You could even use a small stack of 4mmply carved/sanded and sealed with epoxy. The problem with the regular installation of long angled hole in 4mm ply with globs of silicone is that the silicone pulls away from the varnish and plastic tube eventually, if the cable housing underneath isn't clamped close to the hole it'll flex everytime something is tossed in the compartment when it's bumped. It's all minor if sealed well but from a structural standpoint making a 1'x1/4" hole in 4mm ply should have some kind of reinforcement around it. And if it's not sealed well,,leetle dark streaks of waterstaining show up around the hole.

You can experiment with different woods, give it a try with a small block made out of four 3/4"x 1 1/4" pieces of 4mm glued on top of each other. It'll chip away with too big of grit but should make a neat layered piece with three thick coats of epoxy on it.

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