Re: Rate Your Workspace

Posted by Ron Paro on Sep 5, 2007

Based on Theo's rating system, I would give my shop an '8' for small boat building. It would score higher for smaller projects. It is 16'5" by 20'. It is the ground floor level of an old barn attached to my house. Before I finished it as my shop, it was dark, dirty, damp, and drafty. There where holes in the floor large enough to lose a dropped hammer through.

On the plus side, now it is well insulated, has great lighting (natural, florescent, and task), large doors, decent storage and benches, and a full compliment of stationary and bench tools. It also is wired with 115 and 230 volt circuits and has a utility closet for the air compressor and central dust collector.

On the minus side, the ceiling is low (7'), and the longest boat I can realistically build in there is about 14'. I know, I know... WAH!!!

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